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Jan 17: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’16-’17): Week 7
Let me start this week?s blog out by apologizing to those who look forward to this series for not producing a blog last week. Things got a bit busy and by the time I had a moment to write it, there was no point (it would have been dated). So, let?s start this week by […]
Jan 3: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’16-’17): Week 5
Let me start by wishing each of you who read this had a wonderful holidays. The holidays were very, very busy ? not to mention filled with plenty of basketball! I watched my fair share of games from my iPad or computer from the warmth of a hotel room. I also watched my fair share […]
Dec 20: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’16-’17) Week 4
Hello again! Sorry about not getting my blog/ballot out last week. Stagg Bowl Week is always hectic and considering I have to squeeze my voting in to a window surrounded by packing, preps, and countless coordinating emails and phone calls it is a miracle I remember to vote most Stagg Bowl Weeks! I intended to […]