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Oct 20: Time to Change Preseason Basketball
Allow basketball coaches to connect with their players at the beginning of the year. Give players a support system early in the year, when new students are more likely to need the help balancing all the different elements of being at college. Reduce preseason to something more reasonable while also helping coaches make sure players are on the same page, without compromising academics.
Jun 4: Pompeii and the Island of Capri
We headed down to breakfast and it was good but the best item at breakfast was this sausage wrapped in breading. I know this doesn't seem like a breakfast food, but it was really good.
Jun 2: The Amalfi coast
My day to write and it began with a wake-up call at 7:30 a.m. from assistant coach Jordan Delp. He told me in the most monotone voice I've ever heard "wake up".