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Dec 5: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’17-’18): Week 2
I knew I was going to get some teams wrong last week. The voice in the back of my head had been screaming and for the most part I had ignored it. That voice has been laughing at me ever since.
Nov 30: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’17-’18): Week 1
The early-season Top 25 ballots are now insane. There was a time I could just make a few adjustments in the first few in-season ballots and not worry about. Those times are gone and the start of this season is one of the more insane.
Nov 2: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot: Preseason ’17-’18
This men?s basketball season promises to carry on the theme of the last few years: parity. Plenty of parity. That said, I felt I had less teams to consider for the Top 25 than I can remember in a long time. Maybe that?s because of parity. So many teams that have been outstanding are just good or pretty good now. There just doesn?t seem to be many outstanding teams.