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Jan 19: Dave’s Top 25 ballot: Week 7
At this point, I am no longer surprised when I see countless losses to breakdown in the Top 25 this week. In the overall Top 25, there were 13 total losses; in my Top 25 ballot, there were 11 ? I consider myself lucky! Clearly, parity is the name of the game this season. […]
Jan 12: Dave’s Top 25 ballot: Week 6
Not only did I have to have a long debate about number one, but I had to reconsider parts of the middle of the ballot and pretty much blow up the lower third. Why? Too many questions and not enough answers - the theme for the entire season.
Jan 6: Dave’s Top 25 ballot: Recapping the season
We are about halfway through the season and at least some things are shaking out. Of course, there is plenty of teams getting Top 25 attention (the last poll had 48 teams receiving votes; this week's poll probably has even more) and there are plenty of different opinions amongst the 25 voters - my ballot has never looked so completely different than the overall poll in all of my years of voting.