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Apr 18: Apparently Salem’s ‘facilities’ are to blame
Are Salem?s facilities old? Sure. Are they bad? Not in the least. I fear members of the men?s basketball committee have lost focus of the bigger picture while wishing for ?better? facilities. The reason Salem is so well regarded and loved had nothing to do with the facilities. It was because of the experience, especially for the student-athletes, was the best of the best.
Feb 20: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’16-’17): Week 12
The season is almost over. I can?t believe it! Feels like last week we were just tipping things off for another season. Could we really be in the final week of the regular season? This time of year I can?t help but have one thought in the back of my mind: how many teams am […]
Feb 14: Dave’s Top 25 Ballot (’16-’17): Week 11
There is a lot less shaking of my head and lot more inquisitive looking at results. There are more answers despite there being more questions than a month or two, or three, ago. That said, there is far more head banging when it comes to voting in the Top 25 especially with the amount of parity we see around the country.