Merry Christmas! Here's a new look for!

Dear Division III basketball fan,

We've been working on the details of this update for a while and we're glad it's finally here! There's a new look for, like the one that rolled out for last month, and it will be coming to the other sites as well. 

Our primary goal with this redesign was to make sure to take care of our mobile users. Previously, our mobile site has been clunky, poorly designed and stripped down to a bare minimum amount of information. Now, you'll have access on your mobile device to everything else that you would get on your laptop or desktop screen.

And for that, we ask that you please think of us kindly when you see ads and not block them. About 90% of our revenue in any given year is derived from ads that appear on our sites, and if you block them, then we don't get compensated. We don't charge a subscription fee or anything of the sort for anything on, so please allow advertisers to pay us for your visit.

Thanks, and we look forward to Classic getting underway, then the 2017 portion of the 2016-17 season!