Tracking men's basketball head coach hirings

After leading Moravian to postseason success the last two seasons, Justin Potts will try to do the same at Montclair State.
Photo by Josh McKee, McKee Photo Arts

More than 10 percent of Division III men's basketball programs will have new head coaches this season, as more than 50 schools made changes this past offseason. Half the coaches in the MIAA turned over and the USA South had three coaching changes. Most of the new hires were assistant men's basketball coaches last season, often at Division III programs. Even the coaches who weren't at a Division III school last season usually have some kind of connection back to this level, either as alums or former coaching staff members.

The biggest change was the last when Division III's winngest coach Glenn Robinson stepped down at Franklin and Marshall days before the season began. Other noteworthy moves included Whitworth handing its program reins to Damion Jablonski after Matt Logie moved to Division II, Bill Sall leaving Division II to fill Calvin's vacancy, and Justin Potts moving from Moravian to Montclair State. Long-time coaches at Clark, Maryville and Plattsburgh State also moved on.

Though not a coaching change, Amherst will have a different coach on the sideline this season. Dave Hixon, who has 826 wins, is taking a sabattical and his assistant Aaron Toomey will serve as interim head coach.

A full list of changes follows, with links to stories where available.

School Previous coach '18-19 New coach Previous school Position
Alma Sam Hargraves 5-22 Ryan Clark Alma WBB head coach
Arcadia Justin Scott 23-6 Adam Van Zelst Millersville MBB assistant
Aurora Lance Robinson 17-11 Matt Airy Whitman MBB assistant
Beloit Brian Vraney 8-17 Josh Heinz Beloit  MBB assistant
Blackburn Steve Kollar 13-13 Austin Kirby Blackburn MBB assistant
Bridgewater (Va.) Shawn Postiglione 12-14 Steve Enright  Virginia Military Institute MBB assistant
Buena Vista Todd Lorensen 11-14 Trevor Johnson Johns Hopkins  MBB assistant 
Cal Lutheran Tim Fusina 7-18 Russell White Crespi HS (Calif.) MBB head coach 
Calvin Kevin Vande Streek 14-13 Bill Sall Northern Michigan  MBB head coach 
Catholic Steve Howes 10-15 Aaron Kelly George Mason MBB assistant
CCNY Paul Dail 5-20 Sean Clores  Saint Thomas Aquinas MBB assistant
Centenary (N.J.) Damian Pitts 12-14 Jason Geleski *  Centenary (N.J.)  MBB assistant
Clark Paul Phillips 5-20 Tyler Simms Brown MBB assistant
Concordia-Chicago Randy Rogers 6-19 Steve Kollar Blackburn MBB head coach
Connecticut College Tom Satran # 7-17 Tim Sweeney Hobart  MBB head coach
Earlham Jason Polykoff 8-17 Joe Scheuers Thomas MBB head coach
Eastern Eric McNelley 15-11 Dan Pruessner Eastern MBB assistant
Emory & Henry David Willson 17-10 Ben Thompson SUNY-Canton  MBB head coach 
Finlandia Mike O'Donnell 0-21 Sam Casey Palestinian Basketball Association MBB head coach
Franklin & Marshall Glenn Robinson 15-11 Nick Nichay* Franklin & Marshall MBB assistant
Greensboro Bryan Galuski 3-22 Jim Cantamessa  Greensboro  MBB assistant 
Hampden-Sydney Dee Vick 4-19 Caleb Kimbrough Huntingdon MBB head coach
Hobart Tim Sweeney 17-11 Stefan Thompson Wilkes MBB assistant
Houghton Corky McMullen 1-24 Lance Westberg  UW-River Falls MBB assistant
Huntingdon Caleb Kimbrough 13-13 David Gurganus Huntingdon  MBB assistant 
Kalamazoo Jay Smith 7-18 Nick Giard Williams MBB assistant
Knox Kevin Walden 1-24 Ben Davis  Green Mountain  MBB head coach 
Lancaster Bible Andrew Wingreen 14-13 Jon Mack  Southwestern Christian  MBB head coach 
Manchester Gerad Good 9-16 Nate Conley Ohio Wesleyan  MBB assistant
Manhattanville Pat Scanlon 11-14 Chris Alesi N/A N/A
Maranatha Baptist Keith Salscheider 16-11 Joel Borchardt Maranatha Baptist MBB assistant
Maryville Randy Lambert 21-8 Raul Placeras Maryville  MBB assistant
Medaille Mike Blaine 14-14 Keith Hack  Ursinus  MBB assistant
Montclair State Marlon Sears 17-10 Justin Potts Moravian MBB head coach
Moravian Justin Potts 20-9 Shawn Postiglione Bridgewater (Va.) MBB head coach
Nichols Scott Faucher 28-3 Brandon Linton Army West Point MBB assistant 
North Central (Minn.) Jon High 6-19 Dan DeWitt Bethany Lutheran MBB assistant
Olivet Stephen Ernst 13-14 Sam Hargraves Alma MBB head coach
Otterbein Brian Oilar 6-19 Andy Winters Capital MBB assistant
Plattsburgh State Tom Curle 20-7 Mike Blaine Medaille  MBB head coach 
Rockford Andrew Weber 12-14 Jeremy Reigle Presentation MBB head coach
Rutgers-Camden Jason Curbison 2-23 Stuart Pradia Kean  MBB assistant
Salisbury Brian McDermott * 19-9 Maurice Williams Longwood MBB assistant
Schreiner Connor Kuykendall  14-12 Marwan Elrakabawy * Schreiner  MBB assistant
Sewanee Mick Hedgepeth 22-7 Brian Emerson Sewanee MBB assistant
Southwestern Janson Hightower 14-12 Connor Kuykendall  Schreiner MBB head coach
Southern Virginia Greg Winslow 4-22 Adam Wardenburg Southern Virginia WBB head coach
St. Joseph's (L.I.) Kevin Spann 5-20 Mike McSloy Gettysburg MBB assistant
St. Vincent D.P. Harris 22-5 Terrance Smith St. Vincent MBB assistant
SUNY-Canton Ben Thompson 14-13 Shiva Senthil Chicago MBB assistant
Thomas Joe Scheuers 14-13 Deshon Gaither Thomas  MBB assistant
Waynesburg Mark Christner 9-17 Tim Fusina Cal Lutheran  MBB head coach 
Whitworth Matt Logie 21-6 Damion Jablonski Whitworth MBB assistant
# Indicates mid-season change          
* Indicates interim hire