Scouting the Lord Jeffs

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We asked coaches who have seen Amherst play this season to weigh in on the Lord Jeffs. Here's what they said:

How to beat Amherst

  • Play them straight up and guard them – they exploit traps, pressure, zones, junk, etc… with their great size, vision and unselfishness.
  • They are very dangerous in transition – must make them play in the half-court and guard.
  • Your half-court defense has to be better than their half-court offense, and you must do a great job winning the physical battle on the glass – you have to find a way to get the ball back.
  • Contain Toomey, make him work for everything, stay tight on him on step backs – he will make 1-on-1 plays when their offense doesn’t work, and he can get a little hungry and force against good defense.
  • Recognize Workman as a playmaker – he’s not just a talented scorer, he facilitates – sometimes more than Toomey. Must contain him.


2 Aaron Toomey
6-1 Jr. G

  • Quick, skilled, hungry scoring point guard. More than half his attempts are 3’s and he has deep range.
  • Smart, great vision, can make others better but likes to score.
  • Quick first step, very good hesitation, will go right or left.
  • Plays physical – seeks contact in paint on pull ups and floaters.  Also will hunt help defender on ball screen and act to get a call.
  • Excellent step back shooter, even from deep.  Must stay tight on him.  Great FT shooter. 

1 Willy Workman
6-6 Sr. F

  • Lefty talented, bouncy, smart face up forward.
  • Athletic playmaker who makes others better when he drives – finds open teammates.
  • Good 3-point shooter (40% of his attemps are 3’s) who likes to pull when trailing in transition.
  • Will use pump fakes and step through moves when stopped on drives – stay physical on him.
  • Aggressive energetic offensive rebounder. 

54 Peter Kaasila
6-9 Sr. C

  • Big, strong post who plays physical and wants to bury you for position – limited skill but has improved.
  • Where he catches it is key – very effective close to the rim, less effective the further out he gets.
  • Most comfortable over left shoulder with jump hook or short jumper – but has added a little right shoulder/left hand post game this year.
  • Physical and aggressive offensive rebounder. 

10 Allen Williamson
6-4 Sr. G

  • Physically strong, athletic wing who likes pull up jumpers and plays mostly inside the 3-point line.
  • Likes to post up off of back cuts.
  • Prefers strong drives to his right for pull ups.

22 Tom Killian
6-4 Jr. G/F

  • Sneaky athletic wing who is primarily a catch-and-shoot guy.
  • Must make him dribble and pressure him  – will put his head down and go hard to the rim when going right, likes one-bounce pull-up when going left.
  • Aggressive rebounder who will crash the boards hard.

Key reserves

30 Ben Pollack
6-7 Fr. F

  • Skilled, somewhat green backup post.
  • Not very physical. You can make him uncomfortable by playing tough on him.
  • Will shoot jump shots out to 15 feet and likes to turn middle when he catches it in the post.

24 Connor Green
6-4 Fr. G

  • Hungry wing who comes off the bench hunting shots – loves quick pulls in transition.
  • More than half his attempts are 3’s and he will take and make contested 3’s.
  • Must pressure him and chase him off the line – against pressure he goes to hard righty drives.
  • Quick release on his jumper – must be tight on the catch and make him dribble.

11 David Kalema
6-0 Jr. G

  • Athletic guard who is a driver by nature but can make a step-in 3 – makes about one per game.
  • Key energy guy for them who has really helped them when they are sluggish – been an X factor for them off the bench.
  • Good off the bounce, likes to use a fake spin to create space.