Hoopsville: Rankings and Carnage

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Regional rankings are finally out and with them comes plenty of upheaval around the country. What do the rankings really mean? What teams should everyone be watching this week? Who is jockeying to lock up their conference's regular season title?

On Thursday night's Hoopsville, Dave McHugh hoped to get a lot of these questions answered. McHugh talked to coaches from around the country who have their teams poised to capture conference crowns while also positioning themselves the best they can in the regional rankings.

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Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Janice Luck, No. 12 Albright women's coach 
- Jon VanderWal, No. 8 Marietta men's coach
- Lance Loya, Mount Aloysius men's coach - NABC Coach's Corner
- Tom Glynn, Nichols' men's coach

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