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We are midway through what is always the craziest week of the entire season. Teams are already hitting the at-large bubble and that is already popping some other team's hopes of making the NCAA tournament. Upsets are everywhere and it promises to continue.

On Thursday's Hoopsville, Dave not only recapped the crazy week, but looked ahead at what might happen this weekend. Plus, Dave looked at the last regular season Regional Rankings and tried to start reading the tea leaves. Just who may be safe and who already is in trouble on plans to be playing in March.

Dave will also talked to one team making waves. The Union men's program is in their first conference finals in 11 years and helping turn the East Region on its head. Plus the winner of the double-overtime CAC semifinals game between York (Pa.) at No. 20 Salisbury chatted right after the game.

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Guests scheduled (in order of appearance):
- Chris Murphy, Union men's coach
- James Wagner, Atlantic Region Report
- Andrew Sachs, No. 20 Salisbury men's coach

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