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There is always a large gathering of friends and family around a large table with plenty of food that helps ring in the new basketball season. Many call it Thanksgiving, we tend to call it the second weekend of the Division III season.

And one again the early weeks of the season have not disappointed... nor been lacking surprises.

Preseason Top 25 teams have lost as often as turkeys have been overcooked this holiday week. Teams who have had surprise starts have followed up with continued surprises or more head-scratching results. However, no matter the games and no matter the wins and losses, we are thankful to have the season here and be able to talk about it.

On Sunday's Hoospville, Dave tries to gobble up the leftovers and figure out who was granted their wish after the snap of the wishbone. At the same time, we take the time to recognize a milestone at D3hoops.com: 20 years of being ... D3hoops.com - the home of Division III men's and women's basketball.

Dave also chats with a new dynamic duo in Baltimore. Hope Josh Loeffler and Catherine Bixby are settling into jobs that have seen the same coaches (Bill Nelson and Nancy Funk) in over thirty years.

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Guests include (in order of appearance):
- Pat Coleman, Editor-in-Chief, D3sports.com
- Tim Sweeney, Hobart men's coach
- Josh Loeffler, Johns Hopkins men's coach
- Katherine Bixby, Johns Hopkins women's coach

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