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Finals are done. Teams are getting a break, short or long. Everyone is taking a moment to slow down, enjoy time with family (hopefully), and take a breather.

That's what happens when the first semester comes to a close. Before long, the pressure will increase and games will be in full throat. This break will seem like a distant memory.

In an ode to those leaving work, campus early for the holidays - maybe hitting the road in the afternoon instead of evening, Hoopsville wraps up the finale to the first semester with an early show on Thursday. Dave talks with a couple of programs who have captured his attention. He also chats with a conference commissioner who not only has had a direct impact on the evolution of Division IIII basketball, but is also hanging up his commissioner's hat at the end of the academic year.

And who wants to "buy or sell" women's programs? Gordon Mann joins Davee with his take on the first six weeks of the season. There isn't anyone better to break down DIIII women's hoops, than Gordon.

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Guests Schedule (order subject to change):
- Michelle Filander, No. 25 Austin women's coach (Part 1)
- Gordon Mann, D3hoops.com Deputy Editor ("Buy or Sell") (Part 2 & 3)
- Steve Ulrich, Centennial Conference commissioner (Part 3)
- Shanan Rosenberg,Linfield men's coach (Part 3)

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