6th Annual Hoopsville Marathon

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Time for a marathon!

Thursday featured the 6th annual Hoopsville Marathon Show.

This year's show, while slightly shorter, still featured coaches, alumni, administrators, and many others around Division III to help break down the season which only has about one month remaining before "March Madness."

For more information about the show and its impact, click here.

The show's guest list is below with a rough idea of when they were scheduled to appear during the live show.

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Hoopsville Marathon Schedule

Timing approximate and subject to change

Time (ET) Guest School/Institution   Time (ET) Guest School/Institution
12:15 p.m. Karin Harvey Montclair State women's coach, Women's national committee chair   4:00 p.m. Elliot Steinmetz Yeshiva men's coach  
12:40 p.m. Mike McDevitt No. 10 St. Joseph's (Me.) women's coach   4:20 p.m. Matt Logie No. 10 Whitworth men's coach  
1:00 p.m. Daphne Thompson SUNY Oneonta women's coach (WBCA Center Court)   4:40 p.m. Tim Layden Writer, Sports Illustrated  
1:20 p.m. Dr. Jim Timmer Calvin AD, former men's player (Hope/Calvin 200)   5:00 p.m. Bill Finney Former Marymount Athletics Director and women's coach  
1:40 p.m. Greg Mitchell Hope men's coach (Hope/Calvin 200)   5:20 p.m. Danielle Donehew WBCA Executive Director    
2:00 p.m. Steve Moore No. 13 Wooster men's coach   6:00 p.m. Josh Erickson Beyond Sports  
2:20 p.m. Kent Dernbach No. 25 UW-Lacrosse men's coach   6:20 p.m. Sam Atkinson Gallaudet Associate Athletic Director for Communications, Men's national committee chair  
2:40 p.m. Gordon Mann D3hoops.com Senior Editor   7:00 p.m. Trevor Woodruff No. 7 Scranton women's coach    
3:00 p.m. Candice Signor-Brown Vassar women's coach   7:30 p.m.  Jim Haney NCAA Division III Head of Officials 
3:20 p.m. Stephanie Flamini Guilford women's coach   8:00 p.m. HOOPSVILLE HAPPY HOUR   Ryan Scott and Bob Quillman
3:40 p.m. Charlie Brock Springfield men's coach, NABC President (NABC Coach's Corner)          


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