Hoopsville Podcast: May Edition

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Usually we try and relax in the offseason. We have always had ideas of doing an off-season podcast, but we usually end up being distracted by other things. This off-season we decided to go for it.

We did get some "down time" in between the end of the season through the end of May, but we are ready to get back into chatting about DIII - basketball especially.

And there is plenty to talk about starting with the "MIAC Decision" or #TomToss.

Dave McHugh is joined by Pat Coleman to discuss why (no, really, why?!) some of the MIAC presidents decided to "involuntarily" remove St. Thomas from the conference it helped found 99-years ago. We talk about the history, the flaws in the supposed arguments (though, no president has gone on record), and what options UST has moving forward. Dave also gives his thoughts on the topic.

Also hear from two coaches who made some unexpected job decisions this off-season. Dave chats with Sam Hargraves who left Alma for fellow-MIAA member Olivet despite his alma mater, Calvin, having a job opening. And Gordon Mann chats with Michael Coppolino who shifted coasts to take over the vaunted George Fox program - something that was even unusual for GFU.

Plus, a brief look at some of the other coaching decisions as the calendar turns towards summer.

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Guests Schedule (order subject to change):
- Pat Coleman, Editor-in-Chief D3sports.com
- Sam Hargraves, new Olivet men's coach
- Michael Coppolino, new George Fox women's coach (interviewed by D3hoops.com's Gordon Mann)

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