Hoopsville to host third annual 12 hour marathon

CONTACT: Dave McHugh (410-599-5608, dave.mchugh@d3sports.com)

Dave McHugh to host show in conjunction with Hoopsville fundraising efforts

HUNT VALLEY, Md. – For the third consecutive year, there will be 12 hours of wall-to-wall Division III basketball on Thursday for everyone to enjoy. The 3rd Annual Hoopsville Marathon Show airs Thursday, Feb. 4 hosted by Dave McHugh.

Hoopsville, the premier show for anything and everything related to Division III basketball, will go from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET on Thursday to celebrate Division III basketball. It serves as a way for fans to catch-up on the season which has entered the final four weeks of the regular season. The 12-hour marathon show will feature guests from around the country including coaches who will help break down conferences races and take a look at teams positioning themselves for the NCAA tournament. Viewers can catch the show by visiting www.d3hoopsville.com  and can interact with McHugh on Twitter (@d3hoopsville) or by visiting the show’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hoopsville).

"The 12-hour show has allowed us time to talk to guests and schools we may not find time for normally during a season," said host McHugh. “We will also hear from those who care passionately about Division III basketball and those who may have moved up in their careers, but have strong roots in Division III.”

This super-sized show is being held in conjunction with a fundraising effort to help the show, which has been a staple at the Championship Weekend in Salem. Now in its 13th season, the show is looking to raise at least $7,500 to help with gear and equipment that needs to be replaced. In addition, the funding allows McHugh to take the show on the road to locations around Division III to spotlight teams and games around the country.

"For 15 years, 'Hoopsville' has provided Division III men's and women's basketball a platform rarely afforded to small college sports and given programs, coaches and student-athletes nationally a voice they deserve," said Ira Thor, Director of Athletic Communications at New Jersey City University and D3SIDA President. "D3hoops.com is the source for Division III basketball information and 'Hoopsville' allows those in the Division III basketball community to hear from the players, coaches and administrators directly. Dave's knowledge of Division III basketball is evident every time he's on the air.”

Hoopsville broadcasts online only and out of McHugh’s personal studio, officially the WBCA/NABC Studio, in his Baltimore, Md. area home.

Those wishing to contribute can do so by visiting the fundraising page at here. There are several levels, starting at ten dollars all the way up to $250. While there are several levels, any and all donations will be accepted.

“This show has become more than just something I enjoy doing,” McHugh added. “We know people look forward to hearing from coaches, players, administrators and others around the country and talking Division III basketball. We want to continue doing the show and making an impact on the sport along with the Division.”

“I speak on behalf of Division III sports information offices around the country when I say thank you for being such a tireless and dedicated advocate of the Division III game and for telling our stories," Thor added.