Division III's biggest first-round upsets

Biggest first-round upsets

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The best part of the madness that is March in college basketball is the upset. A team comes in with a lofty ranking, and expectations to match, and gets shot down in the very first round.

Division III is by no means immune! And while there have been some memorable ones in 2018, we're looking back at the past 10 years to get you the 10 best upsets.

And we're just looking at the first round. Once you get out of the first game, all bets are off! So even if you upset the No. 1 team in the country in double overtime on the road in Round 2, well, you'll have to be on some other list.

Let's roll on the Biggest First-Round Upsets of the Past 10 Years.


The Biggest First-Round Upsets of the Past 10 Years